Saints whose name begins with the letter J

Faith, our greatest treasure, is a free gift of God, which can be lost if we do not properly appreciate it and preserve and strengthen it in a pure and humble heart. To do this we must first of all form a philosophy of life which is in accordance with the truths of the faith, that is, with the Gospel as our divine Savior preached it and lived it. This is all the more necessary because we are living in an atmosphere which is hostile to the faith or at least cold and indifferent to it.

The ideas of the world expounded in books and periodicals are opposed to the principles of faith. “See to it,” St Paul warns us, “that no one deceives you by philosophy and vain deceit…according to the elements of the world and not according to Christ” (Col. 2,8). The truths of our faith tell us what we are to think of God and our duties toward Him, how we are to judge the world and world events, how we are to view the Church and her means of salvation, how we are to evaluate earthly life and goods.

There is nothing extraordinary recorded about Blessed John Baptist before his martyrdom; but he always walked in the light of faith and lived a life of faith, and so he did not hesitate one moment to remain faithful to Jesus Christ until his last breath.

To have a strong and firm faith, we must also conform our conduct with the principles of our faith. Nothing weakens faith so much as unchecked passions, sinful habits, and a life that is at variance with what one professes with his lips. Faith without works, according to St John, is “dead in itself: (2,17) – it is useless. On the other hand, if we live our faith, it is like a divine soil in which we have struck roots, a soil whose energies we draw up into ourselves and make our own, and through which we become transformed into true Christians. We are then able to overcome all temptations and to emerge victorious in our struggle with the pride of life, the concupiscence of the eyes, and the concupiscence of the flesh. And if we should be faced with an alternative like that which was presented to Blessed John Baptist, our faith too will be strong enough to make us loyal to Jesus Christ until our last breath.

Marion A. Habig, OFM

The lives of the saints!

Saint Joseph

Blessed Jacopone of Todi
Blessed James of Bitecto

Blessed James Oldo

Blessed James of Pieve

Blessed James of Strepar

Saint James of the March

Venerable Jane of the Cross

Venerable Jane Mary of the Cross

Blessed Jane Mary of Maille

Blessed Jane of Signa

Saint Jane of Valois

Blessed Jeremy Lambertenghi

Blessed John Baptist Righi of Fabriano

Blessed Jean-Baptiste Triquerie

Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko

Saint Joachim

Saint Joachima de Vedruna

Saint Joan of Arc

Blessed John Baptist Bullaker

Saint John Bosco

Saint John of Capistrano

Saint John Chrysostom

Saint John-Joseph of the Cross

Saint John of Dukla

Blessed John Duns Scotus

Blessed John of Peace

Blessed John of Perugia

Blessed John of La Verna

Blessed John Lobedau

Blessed John of Parma

Blessed John Pelingotto

Blessed John of Penna

Blessed John of Prado

Blessed John of Triora

Saint John Vianney

Blessed John Wall

Saint Joseph Benedict Cottolengo

Saint Joseph Cafasso

Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Saint Joseph of Leonisse

Blessed Josephine Leroux

Saint Judith of Prussia

Blessed Julian of Germany

Blessed Julian of Saint Augustine

Blessed Julian of Valle

Saint Junipero Serra

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