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Defenders of Christendom

Battles - Honor - Miracles! This book is filled with amazing stories of little-known Catholic heroes presenting spectacles of bravery and valor never exceeded in all the annals of history. Demonstrating his gallantry through daring feats of arms, the knight's faith, coupled with his marvelous courage, made him nearly invincible on the field of battle. Built around a stirring chronicle of the Knights of St. John, these inspiring accounts bring to life the Defenders of Christendom who fought with courage, chivalry, and an unwavering trust in God to protect their neighbor, their country, and their Faith. read more . . .

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Catholic Vitality Publications

Catholic Vitality Publications is a small Catholic press producing inspirational and authentically Catholic books for both children and adults. These highly acclaimed works have been reviewed and promoted by scores of Catholic priests, prominent Catholics, and home schools around the world. Each is beautifully illustrated by the author, especially Learning to Love God, which has large color illustrations to capture the attention of younger children. This book, in particular, is useful in assisting children to understand how close God is to them, and how worthy He is of their love.

El Cid, God's Own Champion, and Saint Fernando III, A Kingdom for Christ, are true life biographies that will inspire young men to become Catholic men of character. The lives of these great champions are more than just thrilling tales, for they are also manly examples that your children can emulate to become truly virtuous as they grow in the faith.

Learning to Love God, Daily Meditations for Children - Written for young children, the purpose of this book is to present God to young readers in order to make Him known and loved. It is necessary to know God to love Him, and this book attempts to present the goodness of God to children that they may love and understand Him from their youth, simply because He is worthy of all love. The left page is addressed to the child specifically, and the right page supports the idea presented on the opposing page that an adult may need to explain. It is not possible to present all that the Church teaches on this subject in the limited scope of this book, but it is hoped that this book may be used as a foundation in the knowledge and love of God. Continue reading...

El Cid, God's Own Champion - Written for ages 12 through adult, this book is an inspiring biography about an extraordinary Catholic knight chosen by God to save his nation from Islamic aggression. Known by the honorary title of El Cid, Rodrigo Diaz is an epic hero who is relevant to our time. Exiled by his king, insulted and maligned by those who should have supported him, he selflessly fought against seemingly insurmountable odds to save Christian Spain. Commanding the respect even of his enemies, upon his death a Muslim historian acclaimed him, "a miracle among the great miracles of the Almighty." The Cid is an example of what can be achieved through devotion to duty, prayer, and trust in God. Continue reading...

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Saint Fernando III, A Kingdom for Christ - This historical biography, written for ages 12 and up, depicts the life of the greatest Spanish monarch, King of Castile and Leon, St. Fernando III. He was born in the year 1199 - exactly 100 years after the death of his illustrious ancestor, El Cid. In him would be combined the soul of a knight dedicated entirely to God, the irresistible power of the Cid, and due to his royal heritage, the authority to marshal the might of an entire kingdom against the enemies of Christ. Personally leading his armies into battle, he took back more territory from Islam than any other king in history. First cousin of St. Louis IX of France, he died a saintly death in the year 1252. His incorrupt body can still be seen in the Cathedral of Seville, and his feast-day, May 30th, is traditionally a holy day of obligation in Spain. Continue reading...

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Recommended books by other publishers -

The three great apologies of G.K. Chesterton in one volume: Heretics, Orthodoxy & The Everlasting Man.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton has become synonymous with modern Christian apologetics. But his impact goes beyond just those interested in a defense of Christian thought. His writings have influenced such diverse authors as C.S. Lewis, Marshall McLuhan, and Jorge Luis Borges, and remains a subtle and unseen presence in contemporary Catholic thought. At his funeral, Ronald Knox said “All of this generation has grown up under Chesterton’s influence so completely that we do not even know when we are thinking Chesterton.”

Why Does the Heathen Rage?: A Novel of the Crusades Paperback – February 8, 2016

by J Stephen Roberts

It is twenty-four years since the First Crusaders conquered Jerusalem. Robert of Bures is a young knight whose father rose to power and prosperity in the new Crusader kingdom, and whose uncle died in battle with the Saracens. Nothing matters more to him than defending the Holy Sepulcher, the tomb of Jesus Christ, more sacred than any shrine in Christendom. Robert has been a trusted retainer to Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem, a veteran of the First Crusade who now rules the beleaguered Christian outpost in the Holy Land, but his friendship with the King's daughter, the beautiful and headstrong Princess Melisende, is growing unfittingly close. In Aleppo, the Turkish warlord Balak has raised a vast Saracen army and promises to drive the Christians into the sea. King Baldwin II is short of men and funds, yet his faith in God in unshakable, and he inspires passionate loyalty in his troops. His daughter Melisende feels the weight of the future pressing down upon her, for her father has no son, and she is heir to a Kingdom that her people believe would be better inherited by a warrior prince. Why Does the Heathen Rage? explores a magnificent but rarely examined chapter in Crusades history. The Kingdom of Jerusalem is young, and beset from all sides with enemies. In the face of unending trials, King Baldwin II and his knights fight with zeal, ready to die for the city that Christ made sacred with his blood: Jerusalem.

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Battles - Honor - Miracles! This book is filled with amazing stories of little-known Catholic heroes presenting spectacles of bravery and valor never exceeded in all the annals of history. read more. . .

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Catholic Vitality Publications

Roman Catholic books currently published by Catholic Vitality Publications:

El Cid, God's Own Champion

-the amazing true story of the life of Rodrigo Diaz, El Cid!

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St. Fernando III

A Kingdom for Christ

- King St. Fernando III, born 100
years to the month after the death of
the Cid. His life was filled with miracles
and many conquests!

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