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The world is now facing many tremendous crises. While we are dealing with a wide variety of serious problems, both socially and economically, the reality is that our culture's root problem is spiritual.

Catholic Vitality Publications was founded to publish books that try to inspire Catholics of all ages and make them aware of our great Catholic history and introduce them to some of the heroes of our Catholic faith. The Catholic knights depicted in these books faced seemingly insurmountable odds and yet entered the conflict with faith and emerged victorious.   

We need your help to continue our work. The books are used by several large Catholic homeschooling organizations, many independent Catholic schools and by individual families who teach their children at home. I’m writing to ask you to assist me in this great work by financially supporting this project. Just a small donation can help us continue to offer the books for sale at the lowest possible price.  

God willing, we plan to release a new title in 2023. All funds will be used for the publication and shipping of our books. Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your support is deeply appreciated. 

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Now Available!!

Pelayo king of Asturias

Pelayo, King of Asturias -

Pelayo's resistance initiated the nearly 800-year-long Reconquista to take back his country from the ruthless invader who had conquered his homeland and sought to erase his culture and his faith. His actions would lay the foundations of a Kingdom for Christ that would eventually reach around the world and spread the Catholic faith to millions of souls. Read more...

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  Now Available!

Catholic Vitality Publications presents . . .

Defenders of Christendom

Brand new by

James Fitzhenry

Now in paperback!

Battles - Honor - Miracles! This book is filled with amazing stories of little-known Catholic heroes presenting spectacles of bravery and valor never exceeded in all the annals of history. read more. . .

Now Available for $18.95

Also available:

Catholic Vitality Publications

Roman Catholic books currently published by Catholic Vitality Publications:

El Cid, God's Own Champion

-the amazing true story of the life of Rodrigo Diaz, El Cid!

Available for only $22.95

St. Fernando III

A Kingdom for Christ

- King St. Fernando III, born 100
years to the month after the death of
the Cid. His life was filled with miracles
and many conquests!

Available now for $26.95

Discounts available for bulk
orders and for bookstore
retail sales! Just contact us