Saints whose name begins with the letter A

Consider what a great benefit almighty God bestows upon us in holding up the saints as our models on the way to heaven. Just as He sent out the apostles and their successors to announce the Gospel, so He gave a commission to the saints with the words: “Let our light shine before men that they may see your good works.” (Mt. 5,16) It is from their example that we should learn how to carry out the teachings of the Gospel. For this reason many of the saints attentively studied the lives of the saints. We might greatly benefit if we would make at least a short daily reading in their lives, and, if possible, to read them aloud to the members of the household. One always finds time to read and to listen to idle news; should zealous Christians not deem it worthwhile to acquaint themselves with the virtuous example of the saints?

Even then, it does not suffice to read the Lives of the Saints or to listen to the accounts; the principal thing is to imitate their virtues. That alone will take us to heaven. It is necessary that while reading, as well as afterwards, we compare their conduct with ours and make resolutions accordingly; that we improve what has been done badly in the past, and amend whatever has been defective. Do not say, what the saints have done is beyond me, I can never achieve such heights. An artist who wishes to become accomplished, carefully studies the works of the most distinguished masters. He knows that he will never arrive at their perfection, but he aims, as far as he is able, to imitate their works. In this way we, too, should aim to imitate the virtues of the saints according to our ability and our circumstances. From their lives we may also draw encouragement for the practice of virtue, and confidence that He should strengthened them, weak human beings though they too were, will also strengthen us.

Consider that in the lives of the saints certain particular virtues are seen regularly exemplified, such as humility, charity, piety, and patient resignation to the will of God. We could learn from this that whoever wishes to reach heaven must likewise practice these virtues. Say with the devout Tobias: “We are the children of the saints” and endeavor to be not wholly unworthy of the name. Undoubtedly, this or that particular saint will have a special appeal for us and be specially suited for our imitation. It might be good for us to take such a saint as our special model and call upon him, and we will certainly find that we will be mightily strengthened by his intercession.

Marion A. Habig, OFM

The lives of the saints!

Saint Anne
Saint Adalbert
Saint Afra
Saint Agatha

Blessed Agathangel and Cassian

Blessed Agnellus of Pisa

St Agnes of Montepulciano

Saint Alban

Blessed Albert of Sarziano

Saint Alexis

Blessed Amatus Ronconi

Saint Agnes of Assisi

Saint Agnes of Prague

Blessed Amadeus Menez

Blessed Andrew Franchi

Blessed Andrew of Hibernon

Blessed Andrew Segni

Blessed Andrew of Spello

Blessed Angela of Foligno

Saint Angela Merici

Blessed Angelina of Marciano

Blessed Angelo of Acri

Blessed Angelo of Chivasso

Blessed Anthony Bonfadini
Blessed Anthony of Hungary

Venerable Anthony Margil

Saint Anthony of Padua

Blessed Anthony of Stroncone

Blessed Antonia of Florence

Blessed Apollinaris Franco

Saint Arcadius

Blessed Archangel of Calatafimi

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