Marian Calendar


1. Foundation of the Abbey de la Couronne in Angouleme (1122)

2. Our Lady of the Assumption, Naples, Italy (11th Century)

3. Our Lady of the Place, Rome (1250)

4. Our Lady of Vaussivieres, Auvergne, France (1374)

5. Our Lady of Buch, Guienne

6. Our Lady of All Help, (1640)
/Our Lady de la Plebe, Venice (1480)
7. Our Lady of the Rosary, instituted by Pope Gregory XIII (1573)

8. Our Lady of Good Remedy/ Church of Our Lady of Gifts, Avignon France (1st Century) founded by St. Martha
9. Miraculous Cure of St. John Damascene by Our Lady (723) (restored severed hand)

10. Our Lady of the Cloister, Citeaux, France (1624)

11. Feast of the Divine Maternity of Our Lady

12. Our Lady of Zapopan, Mexico, (1541)

13. Our Lady of Clairvaux, France, (1114)

14. Our Lady of La Rochelle, France (7th Century)

15. Dedication of the Church of Our Lady of Terouenne (1133)

16. Dedication of the Church of Our Lady of Milan (1417) by Pope Martin V

17. Dedication of the Cave of Our Lady of Chartres, France (46), by St. Pontianus

18. Dedication of the Church of Our Lady of Rheims (405) built by St. Nicasius

19. Dedication of the Holy Cross & Our Lady Abbey, Royaumont, France (1235), founded by St. Louis

20. Dedication of the Abbey of Our Lady, Pontigny, France (1114)

21. Our Lady of Talan, near Dijon, France

22. Our Lady of the Underground, Grand Cairo (12 Century)

23. Our Lady of Consolation, near Honfleur, France

24. Our Lady of Hermits, Switzerland (1418)

25. Dedication of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Toledo, Spain (1070)

26. Our Lady of Victory, near Senlis, France (1225)

27. Dedication of the Basilica of Our Lady, Help of Christians, Turin, Italy, built by St. John Bosco (1868)

28. Our Lady of Vivonne, Savoy, France

29. Our Lady of Oropa, Vercelli, Italy (380)

30. Our Lady of Mondevi, Piedmont (1540)

31. Miracle at St. Fort, Chartres, France (1116)

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