Marian Calendar


1. Baptism of St. Louis de Montfort
/Eve of the Purification of Our Lady, Paris
2. Purification of Our Lady, Jerusalem

3. Our Lady of Saideneida, Damascus

4. Our Lady of Fire, Forli, Italy (1428)

5. Dedication of the first Church of our Lady, by St. Peter, Tortosa, Italy

6. Our Lady of Louvain, Belgium (1444)

7. Our Lady of Grace, or Our Lady of the Bowed Head, Rome (1610)

8. Abbey of Our Lady of the Lily, Melun, France (13th Century)

9. Our Lady of the Bells, Cathedral of Saintes, France

10. Our Lady of the Dove, Bologna, Italy

11. Our Lady of Lourdes, France (1858)

12. Our Lady of Argenteuil, Paris, built by Clovis I (101) containing a portion of the Seamless Garment

13. Our Lady of Pellevoisin, France (1876)

14. Our Lady of Bourbourg, Flanders (1383)

15. Our Lady of Paris, France (522)

16. Our Lady of the Thorn, Chalons-sur-Marne, France (1400)

17. Our Lady of Constantinople, Bari, Turkey (566)

18. Our Lady of Laon, Rheims, France (500), founded by St. Remigius

19. Our Lady of Good Tidings, Lempdes, France (1500’s)

20. Our Lady of Bolougne sur Mer, France (633)

21. Our Lady of Good Haven, Paimpol, France (1838)

22. Our Lady of Succour, Rennes, France

23. Our Lady of Rocks, near Salamanca, Spain (434)

24. Plague in Rome ends after Pope St. Gregory the Great leads a procession with a painting of Our Lady by St. Luke (591)

25. Our Lady of Victory, Constantinople (621) / Our Lady of Great Power, Quebec, Canada, (1673)
26. Our Lady of the Fields, Paris, France, consecrated by St. Denis (250)

27. Our Lady of Light, Lisbon, Portugal, & Palermo, Italy, (18th Century)

28. Institution of the Monastery of the Annunciation, Bethune, France (1519)

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